Three Sessions, One Day: Today

Pen, paper, MacBook Pro, smartphone and me–all are at the ready to help me get through what is going to be quite a full day here in Nashville.  Three songwriting sessions lie ahead.  Cheley Tackett, Trevor Finlay, and Janell Wheeler–each a great talent and friend.

A book comes to mind:  Stephen Covey’s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.  Within one of the early chapters, Covey discusses Production and Production Capability (P & PC).  It would be great to have both of these in abundance.  All senses open.  Intuition present and accounted for.

Where will the ideas come from?  Notebooks?  The MacBook?  My memory?  This morning’s paper?  Hard to say.  The paper may be out of the question.  I don’t know who sells them anymore.  Oh, we get a local one on the lawn just about every week.  There could be a gem or two in there.

I remain grateful for every day given, to have these opportunities to practice the fine art of songwriting.  And the fine art of life.  To the most of it, to the best of my ability.