Oh…That Time I Sang Center Stage at The Grand Ole Opry

How in the world did this happen to me??!!  It’s a little hard to say–but I’ll give it a shot.

Loving-kindness is how this happened to me.  Angels conspired to allow me to play on the most famous stage in country music, the Grand Ole Opry, on February 27, 2016.  People, many people, care so much about me and have offered assistance left, middle, and right.  But in this case, they went over the top and put all of the pieces together–and voila, here I am sharing “The Safest Place I Know” with 3,000 or so of my closest friends.

ARK Project Now, The Kind Cake, YouInspire.org, The Opry, Mickey Guyton, Greg and Alisa Bieck, how can I ever thank you enough.